*Cleveland Golden Section Mural Project

Cleveland Golden Section Mural Project presents three landmark features on Columbus Peninsula that combine art and science to the urban ecology of the Cleveland Centre.

Did you know that “Cleveland Centre” was Dedicated in 1833 by a consortium of prominent civic entrepreneurs including Cleveland’s first mayor John W. Willey and City Council president, Richard Hilliard?

The strategic infrastructure improvement centered the city of Cleveland on the Cuyahoga River. This location (now known as Columbus Peninsula) was developed to unify the Cleveland and Ohio City settlements to the terminus of the Ohio Erie Canal. Cleveland Centre established a new geographic center, providing legitimacy in public affairs and economic development based on the location to the river and the canal.

The unique underlying dimensions of the urban plan attracted human resources to the Cuyahoga Valley placing Cleveland in the center of America’s post-revolutionary epic expansion.

You can learn more about what inspired artist Dan Rothenfeld to create this public art project.

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150px-US_flag_24_stars.svg“Go out into the world.

Get inspired. Bring it home.

That’s a continental concept.”

~Dan Rothenfeld

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