Cracking the Code

*1833 and Existing Maps

19 Aug , 2016  

Cleveland Center Map 1833

Dedicated with the Ohio Erie Canal, the Centre established Columbus Road as the N/S axis in the environment. Originating dynamically from its midsection, the centerpiece division named “Gravity Place” astronomically fixed its hub on the rising and setting sun. At this midpoint a sunburst pattern of streets fanned westward across the peninsula creating interior allotments intended for residential and commercial growth. Streets named for various migrating nationalities ~Russia, China, German, British, French~ bisected roads named for the seasons. A Symbol of unity, penetrating barriers of language, as kinship with nature and productivity were linked.


Cleveland Center Map Present

Ten years after Cleveland Centre and the Canal were established, Cleveland population zoomed to 20 thousand. Railroads, a cheaper source of transport moved in. Taking the path of least resistance, tracks followed the low-lying lakeshore and rivers edge routes. Cleveland Centre streets became active rail yards, erasing the west end of the peninsula, altering the road radius circulation. All land uses remained except for residential, driven away by industrial growth. For the next 180 years, without the critical circulation function the organizing principle of Cleveland Centre was forgotten.


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