Cleveland Golden Section Project

*The 1833 Archive Map

24 Aug , 2016  

In 1796 Moses Cleveland surveyed a Euclidian Grid imposing a New England town square in the Western Reserve frontier for real estate speculation. By 1833 the Cleveland village had 5,000 residents. As population spread out between East and West side settlements at the mouth of the Cuyahoga River, “Public Square” was not adequate to provide unity for the city, divided by growth and demanding a greater order.


“…Relativity in science and Modernism constitute histories of radical change. Only two hundred years ago we were deeply committed to the truth of a highly sophisticated, and quite beautiful, pictorial reality.

Archive Map 1833

In this relatively short period of time, we have witnessed the loss of the belief in a transcendent content and its replacement first by terrestrial subject, and in its turn by the commonplace…we can now question how it might be otherwise.” ~Robert Irwin













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