Cleveland Golden Section Project

*Bridge and “Castle” Revitalization Proposal

11 Aug , 2016   Gallery

Overlooking the Cuyahoga River Sherwin William’s “Castle” is a distinct Landmark giving a European aura to the Flats tied to the heritage of Cleveland. Under the shadow of the Federal Building, the Old River Canal Road intersection is an active route, dense with a concentration of underutilized historic features, including a limbo section of the canal channel under the Canal Bridge. This neglected corner is the gateway to Columbus Peninsula – a diminished landscape feature under the Federal building waiting to be actualized. With a glass or Mansard roof restoration the Castle becomes a new interactive – visitor center for a Cuyahoga River Museum and cafe. Cultivating the Canal under the bridge evolves an eyesore into a heritage site that includes reclaiming the decommissioned rail line bridge for pedestrians to cross over the Cuyahoga River. A Pilot House structure on the opposite bank is another highlight feature of the pedestrian bridge. This legacy of attributes will polish this multimodal zone into a vital hub and popular attraction, “for nature near home will create more respect, care, and political support for National Parks developing the conservation constituency in a newer generation that will need to protect their country’s historic sites, scenic wonders and sacred places.”

“…Therefore what we have witnessed is the de-structuring of meaning, not as a measure of the ideas or activity per se, but a sort of functional historic summery; here we are confronted with our logic and how logic has structured our perception of the world. Here we also find the openness to look again…” ~Robert Irwin


Castle Illustration

“You can market your way back to relevance adapting programs which bring students… STEAM – science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics… it’s a win win for the arts and humanity, really!”

“…We are social travelers, you can share it now, it’s really happening.” Based on the space-time extension, gathering multiplicity into unity at our center.







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