Cleveland Golden Section Project

*Center St. Sculpture Park Proposal

13 Aug , 2016  

Center Street Sculpture Park Proposal, focal point on Fall Street East End. Introducing a park for contemporary sculpture, expressing a sequence of subjective experiences.

Philosophy of Structures:

You cannot correctly call any human action either free or creative if the individual does not participate directly in the evolution of his or her own meaning. Life is sensing “feeling” and determined aesthetically in that we could perceive it…though sensing doesn’t just happen- we make it happen. We participate directly in the forming of that envelope of the world and our being in it, when perception becomes the still-point in the movement of activity.

The difference in our understanding lies not in the nature of things, but how we come to grasp them, requiring our immediate presence that in effect puts undivided attention at the root of our understanding. Grounded in the presence of art the individual is the active principle, determined by a centered quality in our awareness. Everyone has such a subtle mind, and everyone traverses these experiences. But it takes special conditions to develop awareness of them, to experience them with clarity.

Center St Sculpture Park 1

Expanded perception, what is seen in a moment…is a change in the arrangement and relationship of elements…to the dimensions of space time.

~ Dr. Christian Wertenbaker


Center Street Sculpture Park 2

“Beauty is something we know rather than see, there is a difference between seeing and perceiving and I’m interested in perception…perception is knowing” ~ Agnes Martin








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