Cleveland Golden Section Project

*Golden Section Project Map Key

17 Aug , 2016  

Knitting the divided radius together again, the road construct becomes reactivated extending the west end of Fall Street between the Rowing Club, Skateboard Court and Merwin’s Warf Restaurant parking areas to Columbus Road. The crucial reconnection puts points back together and associated networks reappear with existing land uses fitting the Canal Basin/Tow path trail redevelopment plan, returning circulation, coordinated function and intentional purpose with Cleveland on the Cuyahoga River enhancing the Cuyahoga Valley, Ohio’s only Nation Park.

From Columbus Road the historic center is cultivated with a Riverside Walk and Radius Park development. The original street plan radiates across geologic time at Gravity Place. From this point a parking lot now exists located along the east river edge. Restructuring this parking lot edge, to accommodate a green path provides connection from the castle to French Street, dedicating a new pedestrian right of way. Gathering at French Street new triangular quadrants unify the historic Sunburst Road network where Cleveland Centre alignment is founded. Here the face of the City becomes a historic attraction for the Cuyahoga Valley National Park  “where outdoor exposure is a basic nutrient of American life.”

Map Key







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