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23 Aug , 2016  

Rediscovering the legacy of our forbearers Cleveland Centre rises again. Just as the 1833 plan offered a geological solution for Cleveland to develop into a cosmopolitan metropolis, the authentic road radius network illuminates how Cleveland can awaken it’s core and re-zip the East/West divide presenting our collective pride with a global vision related to the very nature of who we are. Designed as an instrument of transmission, it’s geocentric dimensions inspire the development of Cleveland’s Golden Section Project and the terrestrial placement of Cleveland in contact with the environment.

“Only by reaching a center of gravity in myself capable of reconciling my different aspects will I be able to keep a precise line without deviating… It is a real understanding of energies and their relation in ourselves with everything around us… A way toward consciousness through direct experience.”  -Conge


Intervention Contents

  • Road network identification; street marking with reflective paint.
  • Placement~ Wayside Marker on Gravity Place officially locating the hub of Cleveland’s historic Centre Plan of 1833 on Columbus Road.
  • Hub definition; establish Quadrants at Gravity Place with Sculpture installation
  • Fall Street Extension connecting to Columbus Street through the parking lot area where recreation occupies the west end of the Peninsula.
  • Illumination of road network.
  • British Street pathway reintroduced into the road network.
  • French and Fall Street Cornerstone excavated sculpture and Mural identifying the east west divide in the peninsula center.
  • St Mary’s Church site, mural and wayside marker description of the Golden Section orienting the city to Columbus Peninsula.
  • Center Street Sculpture Park, focal point for Fall Street and Canal Basin Chanel restoration area. Conceptual Sculpture representing time, form and environmental concepts.
  • Sherwin Williams B&O Depot “Castle” renovation, featuring the Cuyahoga Valley Museum Resource Center.

{Museum of the Cuyahoga Valley and Cafe} Integrating Landscape with the Federal Building including the scenic Canal Basin restoration providing a multi-nodal attraction under the Canal Street Bridge.

  • Landscape integration; Pedestrian Pathway from parking lot along the Cuyahoga South River edge from Gravity Place to B&O Depot, including decommissioned Rail lift-bridge and Carter Street pilothouse redevelopment for pedestrian path access over the river to Scranton Peninsula.

Edge Map“Known as the confluence,

a sacred place in tribal stories,

power spots of the land…

are holy grounds in the various

quarters of the Earth.”


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