Cleveland Golden Section Project

*French and Fall St – Landscape Into Art – Site Selection Proposal

14 Aug , 2016  

Four Seasons Park. At French and Fall Street, pivotal conditions exist at the center of the peninsula. Divided by an active track an empty lot is enclosed, surrounded by an edge of light industrial property. Here I propose a Cornerstone excavated from an existing concrete foundation and Mural, composing a subtle sanctuary node. The park is where Cleveland east meets west, orienting the city to the lot division, the outer and the inner become balanced at the center.

A place involves area, or extension. It is defined by coordinates and boundaries. The different levels of magnification provide a framework to integrate ordinary experience, developing sensitivity to transitions and interconnectedness of the individual, creating a more nuanced understanding with the environment.









“Light is the most rapid means through which one part of the universe can relay an impression, through space, to another. Light thus considered moves us into deep time, a measure of which is the speed of light. Another measure of time derives from inconstancy of light… in the cycles yielding days and nights; spring, summer, autumn, winter- the seasons; years. The diurnal nature of light animates organic life on Earth. By this account, light motivates change and process, while light speed, as a constant, is unchanging and eternal, although paradoxically in motion. Light’s dual nature- constant but shifting- impinges on us, and we live the contradiction of being in one place at two times: both times in the same place: one world, two modes of apprehension, timely and timeless, (one face turned toward the transpersonal and another face turned towards the individual personality)

This is a story of metamorphosis. In it humans play a part in the transformational process required for the maintenance of the cosmos. The universe that is portrayed is not simply created from above but is elevated from below as well. Human participation is required as a fundamental principle in co-creation. The en-framing structure of the story… the earth’s things and the sky’s things are cultivated through mutuality and reciprocal exchange… Light and energy are not static but transforming and transformational.” ~ Neil Rusch








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