Cleveland Golden Section Project

*CGSP Peninusla’s Future Map

18 Aug , 2016  

Today, under the shadow of the Federal Courthouse this southwest corner of downtown is a neglected urban landscape yet tantalizing features of Cleveland Centre are everywhere dotting the pathways and streets. From Public Square it’s a ten-minute walk to Columbus Road. Initially relieved to locate a few triangular buildings at Gravity Place, indicated on the map of 1833, with trains, light industry and recreation inhabiting the plan, parking and Impound lots now substitute historic areas. After years of gradual physical change the central relationship to this landscape once again reveals the underlying principles of the solar observatory and an opportunity to rescue Cleveland’s founding heritage.



  1. Cleveland Centre central proximity to Public Square, Tower City, Warehouse District, Superior Bridge, West Side Market, West 25th Street, RTA 25th St Station, Ohio City, West Bank and East Bank amenities.
  2. Industrial Revolution and expansion on the Cuyahoga River created population migration away from Columbus Peninsula and the Cuyahoga River isolating the river function to industrial use facilitating the east west division.
  3. All land uses are present on Columbus Peninsula except residential.
  4. The Peninsula is a self-contained environment. Walking, jogging, biking makes it accessible and easy to navigate.
  5. Recreation stakeholders have established land use on the West end of Fall Street. Historically this is an undeveloped territory, containing a Rail yard and the river gate where The Metro Parks operates Merwin’s Warf Restaurant.
  6. Functioning Rail Yard on the west end where a Round House once existed, crossing under the RTA transit bridge at French Street. At French Street and Fall Street a secondary track right of way creates an empty lot adapted to openness at the center.
  7. Merwin Avenue is a dead end street where the path of British Street is found. It’s a functioning industrial street of tall historic landmark buildings with industrial features.
  8. Canal Basin channel under the River Road and Carter Street Bridge intersection, covered with junk and overgrowth.
  9. RTA Lakefront Line stop on the East end has three blocks of parking lots. Canal Basin is planned in this location. Settlers Landing Log cabin with two, three story structures on Merwin Ave. and three historic buildings facing Columbus Rd. (collision bend) on the corner of Center St.
  10. A decommissioned Rail Lift bridge is located at the Carter Bridge providing a node cluster of potential historic resources.
  11. Abandoned landmark Sherwin Williams “Castle” and undeveloped landscape features create disconnection under the Federal Court House.


CGSP Future Map
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