Cleveland Golden Section Project

*Cleveland Golden Section Project Map

22 Aug , 2016  

Work begins with the creation of a permanent center of gravity. The Cleveland Centre Plan encompassed the Columbus Peninsula fostering the idea of circulation to develop a lateral route across the river valley. The setting on the river is calculated using Phi or Golden Section framing the Columbus Peninsula edge. Joining Cleveland’s North from Public Square, the ratio curvature follows the river escarpment spiraling South to the pivotal site of St. Mary’s Church on Columbus Road, the traditional spiritual center. Originating dynamically from it’s midsection, the center piece division named “Gravity Place” astronomically fixed it’s hub on the rising sun. From this central relationship where the sunburst pattern of streets fans west towards the horizon of Lake Erie, Cleveland’s true point zero appears, a still point in the movement of time. The circulation following the stillness in the landscape puts an indelible stamp on our psyche. “An island of soul lifting land found in the clutter of over-industry.”

After 180 years of gradual change the Cleveland Golden Section Project connects us back to Columbus Peninsula’s original blueprint. In such an initial theme exists the cue. The idea is to understand the map underneath it all. This comprehensive landmark structure emulates the enclosure of an observatory. Here we are given the primary nature of our understanding driven by the need to balance, expand and deepen, discovering the moment of truth where the founding concept becomes the realization of an active Earth Work. Gathered at the center coherence emanates.

“We hold these truths to be self evident” ~ The Declaration of Independence


Golden Section Map“The transmitter of life attracting a new American spirit, a different wilderness way that stretched to the setting sun, down which a power mighty could master the entire continent…the horizon was cosmopolitan”

~ John Ross, War on the Run





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