Cleveland Golden Section Project

*The Historic Gravity Place Concept

16 Aug , 2016   Gallery

Landmarking this inner most point, placing the 1833 map on Gravity Place, identifies the multi dimensional plan of streets once named for the seasons intersecting with streets named for the nationalities of people who migrated to settle the Western Reserve territory.

Let There Be Light… The form of this Cartesian coordinate system established Columbus Road as the single axis in the environment. Originating dynamically from this midsection the centerpiece division named “Gravity Place” astronomically fixed its hub on the rising and setting sun. The hub represents the still-point in the fully integrated structure where the street array is experienced as a pendulum in the continuum of time. “These situations share a potential for human self-development to flourish to provide frameworks for rethinking the relationship between the self and others based on notions of compassion, justice, and solidarity.” Quietly the radius circulation resonates as we intuit scale, distance and sound. Cleveland Centre sets the parameters being integrated into surroundings keyed to our sensation.

Placed within the larger tradition of American Transcendentalism the Centre Landmark is a genuine symbol of cosmic scale allowing heaven and earth to meet. Experienced on the spot the sensation is the sensation of time converging toward the present. Taken in mutual relation, all points determine active movements inhabiting man. A way toward freedom, kinship with nature and productivity are linked. These oscillating progressions are the influences inherited by the Cleveland Centre of 1833, “pockets of opportunity to dip back in.”

“Through me the afflatus surging and surging, through me the current and the index.” ~Whitman


Cover the Peninsula – Reflective Road Marking Concept


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