Cleveland Golden Section Project

*St Mary’s Church Mural Proposal

21 Aug , 2016  

Incurvation Incarnation Origin and Return

Located on Columbus Rd. the pivot of the golden section is the St. Mary’s on-the-Flats Church Site. Identifying this essential place revives the Fibonacci Sequence in our city allowing a higher aim of comprehensiveness to our perception and state of being. As above so below, the map oscillation is the way the spirit moves. If you know the underlying map then you have the knowledge and understanding to co-create with God. Look to Mary as a model for faith to educate and nourish the mind, the body, and the soul. Just as every point on a circumference finds its meaning at the center, we too are integral to sustain it and make our home base in it.

Aligning the city to sacred geometry, St. Mary’s strengthened itself as the traditional center of spiritual and social activity for the community. Awareness of these grounds, this central experience is a representative of ones holy place related to consciousness, “gives a glimpse of the unity hidden beneath the multiplicity – to be directly perceived and ultimately reconciled for a return in ourselves.”

To become consciously present in the structure of conscious transformation, “Putting the mind in the heart” is not merely a quaint spiritual metaphor but contains precise and essential information in the psychological undergirding of conscious transformation.

The Virgin of the Navigators, Mary is depicted spreading her mantle over the harbor to protect ships and cargo as they embark on the crossing.

Real St Marys MapSt Marys Mural Mock Up

The Virgin of the Navigators, by Alejo Fernández, 1531–36, oil on panel.

The Virgin of the Navigators, by Alejo Fernández, 1531–36, oil on panel.


















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