Cleveland Golden Section Project

*Cleveland Golden Section Project

25 Aug , 2016  

Cleveland Golden Section Project presents eleven fundamental features on Columbus Peninsula that combine art and science to the urban ecology of the Cleveland Centre Plan of 1833, nucleating Cleveland’s orientation to the Cuyahoga River. A surveying marvel of the 19th century it placed Cleveland within the center of America’s post-revolutionary epic expansion. Dedicated in 1833 by […]

Cleveland Golden Section Project

*The 1833 Archive Map

24 Aug , 2016  

In 1796 Moses Cleveland surveyed a Euclidian Grid imposing a New England town square in the Western Reserve frontier for real estate speculation. By 1833 the Cleveland village had 5,000 residents. As population spread out between East and West side settlements at the mouth of the Cuyahoga River, “Public Square” was not adequate to provide unity […]

Cracking the Code

*Edge Map

23 Aug , 2016  

Rediscovering the legacy of our forbearers Cleveland Centre rises again. Just as the 1833 plan offered a geological solution for Cleveland to develop into a cosmopolitan metropolis, the authentic road radius network illuminates how Cleveland can awaken it’s core and re-zip the East/West divide presenting our collective pride with a global vision related to the […]

Cleveland Golden Section Project

*Cleveland Golden Section Project Map

22 Aug , 2016  

Work begins with the creation of a permanent center of gravity. The Cleveland Centre Plan encompassed the Columbus Peninsula fostering the idea of circulation to develop a lateral route across the river valley. The setting on the river is calculated using Phi or Golden Section framing the Columbus Peninsula edge. Joining Cleveland’s North from Public […]

Cleveland Golden Section Project

*Golden Ratio Map Turning Point Sequence

21 Aug , 2016  

Surviving from the pre electric age the entire peninsula is a solar mechanism tracking the movement of time. The local to global perspective engineers an undulating view. In terms of a real relationship, immediate presence plays an important role in our esthetic. Spatial alignments with astronomic coordinates facilitate dialectics with perception. A land bridge for […]

Cleveland Golden Section Project

*St Mary’s Church Mural Proposal

21 Aug , 2016  

Incurvation Incarnation Origin and Return Located on Columbus Rd. the pivot of the golden section is the St. Mary’s on-the-Flats Church Site. Identifying this essential place revives the Fibonacci Sequence in our city allowing a higher aim of comprehensiveness to our perception and state of being. As above so below, the map oscillation is the way the […]

Cracking the Code

*1833 and Existing Maps

19 Aug , 2016  

Dedicated with the Ohio Erie Canal, the Centre established Columbus Road as the N/S axis in the environment. Originating dynamically from its midsection, the centerpiece division named “Gravity Place” astronomically fixed its hub on the rising and setting sun. At this midpoint a sunburst pattern of streets fanned westward across the peninsula creating interior allotments […]

Cleveland Golden Section Project

*CGSP Peninusla’s Future Map

18 Aug , 2016  

Today, under the shadow of the Federal Courthouse this southwest corner of downtown is a neglected urban landscape yet tantalizing features of Cleveland Centre are everywhere dotting the pathways and streets. From Public Square it’s a ten-minute walk to Columbus Road. Initially relieved to locate a few triangular buildings at Gravity Place, indicated on the […]

Cleveland Golden Section Project

*Golden Section Project Map Key

17 Aug , 2016  

Knitting the divided radius together again, the road construct becomes reactivated extending the west end of Fall Street between the Rowing Club, Skateboard Court and Merwin’s Warf Restaurant parking areas to Columbus Road. The crucial reconnection puts points back together and associated networks reappear with existing land uses fitting the Canal Basin/Tow path trail redevelopment […]

Cleveland Golden Section Project

*The Historic Gravity Place Concept

16 Aug , 2016   Gallery

Landmarking this inner most point, placing the 1833 map on Gravity Place, identifies the multi dimensional plan of streets once named for the seasons intersecting with streets named for the nationalities of people who migrated to settle the Western Reserve territory. Let There Be Light… The form of this Cartesian coordinate system established Columbus Road […]