Cleveland Golden Section Project

*Illumination of Road Complex Proposal

15 Aug , 2016  

“Today, Gravity Place is part of a riverfront zone on Columbus Road Peninsula in the Flats where aging industries are interspersed with attractions such as Merwin’s Wharf, the riverfront restaurant operated by Cleveland Metroparks, and recreational facilities operated by the Cleveland Rowing Foundation and the Foundry, a youth rowing program. As the Plain Dealer’s architecture critic, I’ve been contacted […]

Cleveland Golden Section Project

*French and Fall St – Landscape Into Art – Site Selection Proposal

14 Aug , 2016  

Four Seasons Park. At French and Fall Street, pivotal conditions exist at the center of the peninsula. Divided by an active track an empty lot is enclosed, surrounded by an edge of light industrial property. Here I propose a Cornerstone excavated from an existing concrete foundation and Mural, composing a subtle sanctuary node. The park […]

Cleveland Golden Section Project

*Center St. Sculpture Park Proposal

13 Aug , 2016  

Center Street Sculpture Park Proposal, focal point on Fall Street East End. Introducing a park for contemporary sculpture, expressing a sequence of subjective experiences. Philosophy of Structures: You cannot correctly call any human action either free or creative if the individual does not participate directly in the evolution of his or her own meaning. Life is […]

Cleveland Golden Section Project

*Bridge and “Castle” Revitalization Proposal

11 Aug , 2016   Gallery

Overlooking the Cuyahoga River Sherwin William’s “Castle” is a distinct Landmark giving a European aura to the Flats tied to the heritage of Cleveland. Under the shadow of the Federal Building, the Old River Canal Road intersection is an active route, dense with a concentration of underutilized historic features, including a limbo section of the […]