The 3 Cleveland Centre Landmark Murals

I’ve been in and around the Cleveland Flats my entire life – it wasn’t until one day I was at an archival map presentation at Cleveland State University when I saw the engineering archival map of 1833 depicting the road radius convergence on Columbus Peninsula. On this map it was so obvious there was this functioning city centre on the river. How is it that I had never heard of this before? I became intrigued – so I went to investigate, to see for myself if those radius roads were still visible. Low and Behold – the roads were mostly still there but there was a lot of road disruption and dead-ends. You could see it but there was disconnection.  As I was standing taking notes – looking and listening about what I was seeing – logically I envisioned reconnecting the missing [Fall Street] extension to Columbus Road and into the rest of the concept of the radius. Suddenly the radius concept activated mystically I felt the circulation of the road work design flowing through my body. It was an amazing moment – I looked up and realized that the sun was directly overhead and understood that the radial road network of “Cleveland Centre” was actually oriented to the compass, aligned to tracking the seasons based on the movement of the sun. This is genuine! I felt called to study this history from this larger perspective expanding the range of historical consciousness beyond anything conceived by historians before me.

A collage of a forgotten City Centre:                      A collage I made to analyze this story:

Each of these collage images are fully detailed through links at the bottom of the website home page.


The Centre Piece Mural – … where the city divides on the Columbus Peninsula


The Compass Mural


The St.Mary Church Mural, showing the progression of the Cleveland Center road layout determined using sacred geometry. 


The underlying principles are genuine and not decorative contributing to the syncronicity of deeply shared values. I would like to recognize and thank the individuals and organizations that helped to bring this public art project into reality – together we made it happen for the benefit of you! To gain more appreciation for our historic City Centre on the Cuyahoga River.



In no particular order of thanks and appreciation: 

~ Councilman Kerry McCormack, Lilian Kuri, Jack Bialosky, Melinda Gigante are officials who supported the mural project. I am hopeful they will influence the future vision and planning developments of Columbus Peninsula incorporating the vision and concepts the murals help to identify.

Finding support from Day 1, I would like to recognize Clayton Koppes, Dean Shaffer & Skipp Cooper for writing/encouragement. Thank you Carl Jones who introduced me to Jim O’brien, CEO of the Observer~ providing a 2 page center spread, May 2017 Ohio City Observer. Steve Litt of the Plain Dealer produced 2 articles in May & June inspiring me to envision this public art undertaking and Robert Brown my mentor and friend.

Many people have contributed to the realization of this project ~ Special thank you, Jordan Satterfield~rendering, Dustin Haynes~painting, Maureen Pergola~County Archives, Tarra Petras~City Public Arts coordinator, Cheryl Ball~ Flats Industrial RR, Pat Gillespie, Brian Fabo, Kevin Golden, Tim Donovan/Kathey Cole~Canal way Partners, Rbt. Brown, Maureen Dee/Cleveland Catholic Charities, James Rosenberger, Spaces, Peter Sampson, Harriett Allen, Susan Sugar, Suzy Hecht Remer, Bob Zimmer, Rob Schoner, Mike Folczynski, Darryl Young… & many others thank you all for your contributions and support!