Cleveland Golden Section Project

*Golden Ratio Map Turning Point Sequence

21 Aug , 2016  

Surviving from the pre electric age the entire peninsula is a solar mechanism tracking the movement of time. The local to global perspective engineers an undulating view. In terms of a real relationship, immediate presence plays an important role in our esthetic. Spatial alignments with astronomic coordinates facilitate dialectics with perception. A land bridge for perceiving conditions at work in the environment. Conceived as a whole, the harmonizing principles of Cleveland Centre are fundamental to the experience of time and place. Opening the unlimited perspective provides a genuine encounter with physical reality in a relation to mind and form. “We are forced to think in long arcs well beyond the quick-flash processes of our age, there’s definitely a therapeutic effect just being here to be centered in this way.”


Real Peninsula Map“To rediscover the past is to move forward. There is no surcease when we constantly destroy what we have built. The future is carved with the implements we created before it was. The past offers the different roads, all converging towards the present. Today’s present…it’s dangerous not to know.” ~ Mark Tobey


Peninsula Illustration 1850


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